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Ron Hunt's
Instructional baseball camps and clinics
for players and coaches at all levels.

Baseball instructional camps and clinics for players and coaches at all levels.
"Fundamentals are the key to the game."
Ron Hunt

Since 1986 Ron Hunt has been teaching the fundamentals of baseball at his facility in Missouri. He is now offering group and one-on-one instruction either at his facility or he will travel to your hometown.

Dedicated players and coaches of all ages are taught all aspects of the game 'personally' from Ron Hunt, 12 year major league veteran.

Ron Hunt's baseball 2000 Independent Gold winners Ron Hunt's baseball 2000 Young Gold winners


Over the years Ron Hunt's players and coaches have had one thing constant ….. discipline! He teaches the mental aspects of the game as well as the physical regimen. Ron's students may not always have the most ability on the field, but they do have the most heart, desire, and dedication towards the game. His credo: executing basic fundamentals on routine plays, not committing mental errors, and maintaining a never give up attitude.

What are the benefits of his program?

Ron Hunt teaches the game of baseball personally to each and every player and coach and will provide exposure to college and professional scouts if warranted.

Along with the fundamentals of baseball, there are many other principles of life that are part of the learning experience in his program. These include self-discipline, getting along with others, taking responsibility upon oneself, being a team player, and equality.

Since 1986, 95% of Ron's summer program players have received college scholarships (20 of which that did not play high school baseball) and 11 have been drafted. Nineteen players from other organizations have received scholarships through association with the Ron Hunt Eagles Baseball Association, and 9 have been drafted.

How do I signup?

If you are a dedicated and disciplined baseball player or coach and would like further information click here. If you have any further questions, you may contact us.

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